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Modeler of the Year

In 2016 President  Alan Tackitt instituted our Modeler of the Year Competition.  The grading scale has been tweaked several times as well as the prizes awarded for winning.  The main prize though has always been bragging rights.  Members receive points based on attendance to meetings and other events, bringing builds for the monthly meetings, as well as bonus points if those builds are based on the monthly theme, especially if they win the modeler of the month competition.  It's a way to keep our members engaged in the club and building.  In 2021 President Tom Bogacki added in the Jr. Modeler of the year winner!!!


Modeler of the Year Winners

  • 2023 - Alan Tackitt

  • 2022 - Tom Bogacki

  • 2021 - Alan Tackitt

  • 2020 - Tom Bogacki

  • 2019 - Erin Lantz

  • 2018 - 

  • 2017 - 

  • 2016 - 

May Meeting 05-24-22-203722.jpg

Jr. Modeler of the Year Winners

  • 2023 - Owen Foreback

  • 2022 - Owen Foreback

  • 2021 - Owen Foreback

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