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Starting in 2024 our judging system will be a Gold, Silver, and bronze competition. The contestant actually competes against themselves and their own skills. Every model that is entered into the competition will be judged. See flyer for more information.

A) Juniors

B) Dioramas/Vignettes

C) Nautical Subjects

D) Civilian Vehicles all types (Not aircraft)

 E) Aircraft (Civilian and Military all types)

 F) Military Subjects (No Aircraft/Figures)

G) Figures and Busts (all Types)

H) Sci-Fi/Fantasy

 I) Real Space

J) Collections (5 or more related items)

K) Any Other Subject (All Scales)

L) Black and White (and shades of gray) - no color

M) The Longest Day- Invasion of Normandy



                                    SPECIAL AWARDS

   1) President’s Award

   2) Judges Best of Show

   3) Best Nautical

   4) Best Military

   5) Best Civilian Vehicles

   6) Best Aircraft

   7) Best Diorama/Vignette

   8) Best Figures/Busts

   9) Will Hudson Award -Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi

  10) Best Real Space

  11) Bob Miller Award- awarded for exceptional scenery

  12) Black and White -Theme Award

  13) The Longest Day -Theme Award


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