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Competition Rules


1) All modeling work to have been completed by entrant, including juniors. No toys/pre-finished or R/C kits permitted.


2) Models may be of any material (i.e. plastic, resin, wood, or metal).


3) Juniors limited to participants who are 15 years or younger the day of contest. Juniors are not restricted to Junior categories - they may enter any category.


4} Bases are allowed and encouraged in all categories, but will not be judged outside of the diorama category. Bases not in the diorama category are limited to flat surfaces (i.e tarmac, grass, concrete, etc.). No trees, rocks, or dimensional objects allowed outside of the diorama category.


5) Higher level win rule. Refer to IPMS Contest Rules / Eligibility / Section 3.


6) Collections are defined as 5 or more closely related subjects. Head judge reserves the right to evaluate / declare what defines a collection.


7) Any model that constitutes a figure will be judged in the figure category. This includes dinosaurs, robots, Terminator, etc.


8) Upon registration, the entrant will indicate his/her choice for category of each model. The head judge reserves the right to evaluate and if necessary move the entry to the

appropriate category. If a move is necessary, the entrant will be notified.


9) All judges will be experienced competition judges or will be paired with an experienced judge. Entries will be judged with fairness and integrity. No judge will be permitted to judge in any category in which they are entered.

10)Theme Awards will be judged as their own category (i.e. models will NOT be judged in their normal category if being entered as a theme entry. Theme categories will be judged Gold, Silver, Bronze as other categories.



2019 IPMS Nationals Rule Book

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